Serial online Chronicles of Shannara (2 season 1-3 series) download

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Serial online Chronicles of Shannara (2 season 1-3 series) download.torrent

Serial online Chronicles of Shannara (2 season 1-3 series) download

Title: Chronicles of Shannara (season 2)
The original name: The Shannara Chronicles
Released: 2017
Genre: fantasy, fantasy, adventure
Director: Brad Turner, Jonathan Libesman
Cast: Austin Robert Butler, Ivan Baker, Aaron Yakubenko, Manu Bennett, Poppy Drayton, Emilia Burns, Marcus Vanko, Jed Brophy, Daniel McPherson, John Rees-Davies
Issued: US
Duration: ~ 00:43:00 /series
Translation: Professional (many-voiced) | LostFilm |

Quality: WEB-DLRip
Size: ~ 550 Mb /lot

Description: The TV series "The Chronicles of Shannara" tells about the ancient races, which, as it turned out, are not ancient at all. The series takes its beginning in the distant future, after the atomic war is not enough that it survived. The territory of the mainland of North America was changed. And soon, this large part of the world, was divided into four parts, the reason for the separation were permanent conflicts and politics. So four races: people, elves, dwarves and trolls found their home. However, not everything is as good as we would like, each of these races, competes with another and pose a great danger.
The events of the second season of the TV series "The Chronicles of Shannara" continue to tell the story of the young princess Amber and the last of the Shannar-Ville genus. They, along with the thief Eretria, had a way to restore Elkris, locking all the demons back. Their adventure ended with the fact that they saved all four kingdoms from evil demons who rebelled and wanted to seize power and rule the whole world. To fight them, the Elves teamed with the Dwarves and together they were ready to attack them. But everything went well, and Amber united with Elkris, saved everyone. See the new season of the series "The Chronicles of Shannara", find out what fate awaits Villa, whether he can save Eretria, and what will happen next with the kingdom of elves.

1-3 series (out of 10):

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