Serial online Blind (season 5) (1-40 series) (2017) download

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Serial online Blind (season 5) (1-40 series) (2017) download.torrent

Serial online Blind (season 5) (1-40 series) (2017) download

Title: The blind
Released: 2017
Genre: Realistic drama, mysticism
Director: Kira Meshcheryakova, Alina Polichuk, Dmitry Yushchenko
Issued: English
Duration: 00:24:00 /series
Translation: The original

Quality: WEBRip
The size: 300 MB /lot

About the series: Once upon a time, many years ago, as a little girl, the main character lost her sight. It happened in the course of her friend's reckless pampering. The boy gambly threw a small piece of coal and hit a classmate in the eye. The injured child was immediately taken to the hospital, but neither the efforts of doctors nor long-term treatment could stop the irreversible processes that started because of the injury. The result of all this prank was that the schoolgirl completely ceased to see.
Parents were horrified by what had happened. It's one thing when you are born blind, because then you immediately learn to adapt to the perception of the world through hearing, smell and touch, guided by your own intuition, and quite another, when, due to an accident, the world suddenly becomes a stranger and you can not see it. But the brave little girl continued to live and enjoy every day. And when she had the gift of foresight, she began to "read" the fate of the people meeting on the way, mom and dad breathed a sigh of relief - their daughter will not be lost.
Since that moment, various guests come to her house and they all wanted the miracle girl to predict their future or help to cope with some grief. Now she is already a grandmother, lives in a remote village with her granddaughter and to this day accepts everyone who wants to receive advice. For the services she never took a fee, thereby only confirming the purity of intentions.
The fourth season will tell you about the appearance of the appearance on the threshold of her home of a rich and influential person who is not used to receiving bad news.

1-40 series:

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