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- Higo v121 - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme - 20453938

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Higo WordPress Blog Theme is not an all-in-one-fits-for-all kind of theme. It features some minimal design and well thought out layout. Centered logo in the header with navigation and search buttons on the sides. Main navigation lines underneath and gracefully sticks to the top while you scroll making links instantly available. Elegant off-canvas menu with navigation and social links together with custom text makes perfect sense both on small and large screens. Search is always one click away, which is an essential rule for almost any type of site.

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- PrivateContent - Mail Actions add-on v163 - 3606728

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Mail Actions fills the last missing part of PrivateContent giving you a complete membership solution. Integrates e-mails in each process and allow you to sync seamlessly with MailChimp, the best way to manage newsletter campaigns. Enable just what you need, each module can be used singly, the only thing required is an e-mail. Plus, each mail is fully customizable by you using the handy WP editor!

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- PrivateContent - User Data add-on v232 - 2399731

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this is an add-on. You must have at least PrivateContent v6 to use it. User Data add-on boosts your PrivateContent plugin allows you to create and use unlimited fields to record more informations from your users. A powerful but simple wizard will guide you creating them. Then, will be automatically integrated in the PrivateContent engine and ready to be used in registration or custom forms. Each field is dynamically validated and is really really flexible, letting you target what will be required. String length, numeric ranges, multi-option checks, preset texts (integer and floating mubers, e-mail address, dates, url, etc) and also room to use advanced regex. Say goodbye fake data stored! Datepicker comes along the date fields and is also possible to use placeholders for textual fields. Finally, custom fields can be added to the users list. Giving you the best overview possible to work better and faster!